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    CHAWLA MEDICOS is a dynamic and fast growing pharmaceutical Service business firm having a distinct business model completely dedicated to supplying & distributing the difficult to access medicines to needy patients so as to enhance the quality of people's lives all across the globe. Chawla medicos has its registered office at New Delhi, India.

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    Hepatitis C Medicines

    Hepatitis C or HCV is a virus caused by the infection of Liver. It’s a member of Flaviviridae family of viruses. Just like HIV, Hepatitis C grows very fast and fervently gives rise to thousands of genetic variations of the virus. After which, it becomes impossible for the human body to make anti-HCV antibiotics.

    H.I.V. Products

    HIV is a retrovirus that causes harm to the T-cells i.e. CD-4 cells and perhaps can cause AIDS to develop the immune system. While there is no such treatment to cure HIV of the roots, medication can help living a healthy and longer life. It can help fight infections, lowering the viral load and also in improving the quality of life.

    Anticancer Drugs

    Anti-cancer is a method of defining healthcare that aids in preventing the further development of cancer, or aids in strengthening the cancer treatment.

    These drugs are more like a treat to provide strength to the treatments like surgery, chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy.


    Sofosbuvir & ledipasvir sold under the exchange name Harvoni among others is a solution used to treat hepatitis C. It is a mixture of Sofosbuvir & ledipasvir. Fix rates are 94% to 99% in people tainted with hepatitis C infection (HCV) genotype. Some proof additionally bolsters use in HCV genotype...
    Natco Pharma manufactured new tablet Hepcinat Plus which contain Sofosbuvir & Daclatasvir. Hepcinat Plus works by lowering a load of hepatitis C virus in the body. Hepcinat Plus Tablet is used to treat chronic (long-lasting) hepatitis C, a viral infection of the liver. It works by reducing the...
    What is Generic Medicine The generic drug are the pharmaceutical drug that is the exact copy of branded drugs with same effects ricks strength as the original. It has equivalent effects as branded drugs. Generic medicine are cost effective and have significantly reduce the price upto 90% from...
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